Organization And Values

The long term view of the company’s business strategies and operating practices derives from long term goal’s of maximizing the success of constituent business for the benefit of the shareholders, employees, customers and the country’s economy. We pursue incessant performance improvement to obtain maximum results in entrepreneurial terms.

Financial robustness

High profitability

High performance

Maximum results

Competition advantage

Incessant progress


Our entrepreneurial success is base on our people

  • Team spirit work
  • Credibility
  • Communication
  • Professionalism

Working for DANALIS HOLDINGS S.A is not simply job but a career option. We believe in hiring well-qualified individuals communicating our expectations and then give them the resources and independence they need to perform at the highest level possible. Our management style stress involvement without unnecessary interference.

The core of every successful company is the people working there who feel gratification in their work within an environment of transparency, meritocracy and equal treatment. Having this in mind DANALIS HOLDINGS S.A have designated and implemented modern systems of human potential, wholly adjusted to the our philosophy.

In running the company’s business, management strives to minimize process and bureaucracy much as possible. Clear goal’s and targets are set, decisions making process are expedited and lean efficient management structure is maintained.

The foundation of a company’s structure dictates its strength.