The Company’s primary objectives are to provide its shareholders, partners or investors with high rate of return by investing directly or indirectly primarily in commercial use properties located in prime locations of selected markets in Greece and internationally.

To perform its activities efficiently, DANALIS HOLDINGS S.A is run by a highly qualified personal educated and experienced in the economic and commercial areas, as well as in the technical sectors. With many years of experience and the vision of its founder, Ioannis Danalis , it continues its ascending progress investing on quality and innovating and orienting its action toward serving and satisfying its investors, partners and shareholders.

DANALIS HOLDINGS S.A is utterly identified with the term “development/investment”. Our goal is not simply to follow developments and investment opportunities but to create them.

The Company is generating superior returns by:

  1. Investing in properties that can be acquired below their replacement cost in markets with attractive supply and demand characteristics.
  2. Acquiring distress or under performing properties were the sellers’ ability to market the property effectively may be limited.
  3. Adding value to acquired properties through hands-on asset management, including aggressive leasing and expense control initiatives.
  4. Reintroducing properties for sale after assets have become marketable to traditional real estate investors.
  5. The company also engages in entitling and developing row land in likely high growth markets. We primarily acquire the land for development and 1) then aim to sell it to production builders for higher price 2) further develop it for multi-family housing, retail, office, recreation and industrial use 3) Some projects will go beyond entitlement and may include full development and operation of retail, corporate, industrial and recreation facilities.