General Management

Ioannis Danalis, the founder and president of DANALIS HOLDINGS S.A was born in 1961 in Kefalonia Greece.

Moving to U.S.A at the age of 14 as an immigrant with a dream for a better future. With determination and love for the real estate from very young age begin his carrier by investing in a distress properties in Manhattan New York giving small investors Like your dentist, accountant, attorneys, postal carrier and others a chance to live the American Dream. Their short-term investments of 1 to 1 1/2 years returned an average of 63% annual and those on long-term rental buildings averaged 11% to 13%,annual but they acquired an asset, they owned a piece of property.

After 20 and more years of experience in the international real estate markets and the love for his country, Ioannis Danalis expanded his activities to Greece as well.

Furthermore Ioannis Danalis, is Founding member and executive partner of D&E Holdings and management LLC, Limited liability Company base in New York City and it is an owner and manager of prime real estate in the city of New York.
D&E Holdings and management LLC, owns and manage the following companies.

  1. Blue Star Apartments LLC, licenses brokerage limited liability Company that leases and sales commercial and residential real estate.
  2. Blue Star property management LLC, Limited liability company base in New York that managing about 50 Commercial and residential buildings.
  3. Global Parking Solutions LLC, Limited Liability Company managing its privately owned parking garages.
  4. DEL Capital Fund LLC, Delaware limited partnership with initial deposited capital of 250.000.000,00 USD from investment funds and private investment capitals.
  5. D&E International Advisers LTD, with Offices in New York, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona.

Ioannis Danalis presence and active role in the general management of the company is already assessed crucial for the development of the company, the enrichment of its portfolio and the rise of its profitability.

The striking development and profitability of D&E Holdings and management LLC, attracted investors from Israel, Netherlands, Spain, USA and other countries around the world.