During its long term course of real estate, Danalis Holdings S.A. Obtain high quality affiliates around the word as well as in the United States, who can provide a wide spectrum of tailor made solutions to its shareholders, partners and investors, to maximize their profitability.

Among its affiliates you can find:

Goldberg, Weprin, Finkel, Goldstein

1501 Broadway 22nd Fl New York, NY 10036

One of New York’s most reputable and distinguished real estate law firms. The firm is lead by Andrew W. Albstein and is widely recognize for its experience and expertise in real estate acquisitions, corporate finance, private equity and complex real estate litigation law.

Laporta & Arbus advocats Associates

Avenue Diagonal 469. 6E 1a 08036 Barcelona

One of leading law firms in Spain specializing in real estate, finance and litigation, lead by Juan La Porta Former FCB president.

Schillinger & Finsterwald, LLP

81 Main Street, Suite 305 White Plains, NY 10601

One of New York’s premier law firms specializing in Business litigation, Real Estate litigation, Corporate and partnership disputes, Construction disputes, Fraud, Forgery, Misrepresentations, Contract disputes, and Appeals.

Eliahu & Co

Round Tower 35th Fl 67021 Tel Aviv Israel

International real estate and taxation law firm, specializing in structuring international real estate deals with best tax solutions possible.

Glison and Koats

122 East 42nd Street, Suite 518 New York

International law firm specializing in real estate and commercial law in U.S.A and South America.

Iuris Team – Fernando Ledesma

Principe de Vergara 33, 28001 Madrid, Spain

One of the most International Legal teams in Spain, specializing in international business law.

Through its Affiliates, Danalis Holdings S.A can provide its investors and client’s structure solutions to domestic and international transactions.

Danalis Holdings S.A reputation with financial institutions in the U.S, Europe and South America can assist our partners and investors to obtain the right leverage possible and move quickly towards their goals.